• How does the cleanse work?

Each day, we juice a variety of 6 different, seasonal flavours, ready to be picked up at Sunshine Market once we have determined a date that works best with your schedule.  The juices are numbered, this takes the guess work out of deciding which to drink first, however, we always leave room for freedom, and you choose to drink exactly what your body is craving.  

Some people like to begin the day with warm water and lemon to get the digestive system firing up, this can be a nice ritual to replace coffee during the detox.  Other's like to dig right into juice #1, there is no wrong answer.  Ideally, you'll drink a juice every 2-3 hours and if possible, a full water between each juice to fully support the flushing process.

  • Do I only drink juice during the cleanse?

This is entirely up to you!  We believe this process is as unique as the individual and their particular circumstances.  Some have no problem sticking to juice, others may need a raw veggie salad.  In the winter, our Canadian bodies tend to need more warmth and sustenance, we do not mind suggesting veggie broth, miso and herbal teas during cooler months.  

  • Can I play sports and continue my workouts?

Our recommendation is to take a couple of days to focus on nourishing your body.  Definitely keep moving.  Walks outside, fresh air, or a Hot Yin yoga class can be a great way to keep the blood flowing while sweating out the toxins, but over achieving at this time may leave your body feeling drained and dizzy.

  • How can I expect to feel during the cleanse process?

Common symptoms include headaches, fatigue, lethargy, irregular bowel movements, hunger pangs and a host of emotional highs and lows.  While some experience most of these side effects, others may experience none at all.  Set yourself up for success by preparing your household and co-workers, let them know what you're up to, and what they can expect during the days to come.  Ask for support.  Create space in your busy life to focus on the process of not only ridding your physical body of toxins and free radicals, but also connecting to your body with reverence, through nourishment.  DRINK YOUR WATER!  Again, this not only supports the flushing, it also keeps your body hydrated while expelling.          

  • What steps can I take before and after to make the most of my experience?

Pre and Post-Cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself.  You can prepare your body days prior by limiting processed foods, meat, dairy, sugar and caffeine.  Increase raw vegetables and drink plenty of water.  

There are a number of contradictory dietary meal plans circulating, and we believe in the plant-based protein and whole grains method.  However, if you find that a Paleo diet or similar works best for you, keep your meats organic and limited before and after your cleanse.  

Although we are all excited to get back to eating solid food, ease in slowly, consciously, you do not want to undo all the glorious work you've done!  Begin by introducing superfood smoothies, whole grains, big salads, and keep drinking the H20.